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jewish ghetto via portico d'ottavia

Why Rome is such a delicious destination (part 2 of 2)

Part 2 of 2

Piazza Giudia
Piazza Giudia

Besides the wide plethora of Roman-style food, there is however the Roman-Jewish food, which combines the cultures and recipes of these two great peoples.

Given that the Jews arrived in Rome in the 2nd century BC, such cuisine fusion was inevitable. In fact it is hard to tell where one begins and the other ends.

Artichokes are without doubt the ‘princes’ of Roman cuisine and one of the best ways to eat them is alla giudia (Jewish-style); briefly soaked in lemon water then deep fried in olive oil.

Another must is filetti di baccala: fillet of cod and fiori di zucca: courgette flower, both fried in a light batter. Or Rome’s suppli al telefono: fried rice balls stuffed with mozzarella that stretches out just like a telephone wire. Both are early forms of street food, still very much loved by Romans today.

Not to mention the local super-star: the lamb, which only Romans call abbacchio; a name which evolves from the Latin: ‘ad baculum‘. (The young lambs were tied to a post during the first four month of their lives to ensure they did not hurt themselves running around). The most renowned lamb recipe is abbacchio a scottadito, meaning burned fingers, (which is what happened to the shepherds when they used their fingers to eat).

Abbacchio Pasquale
Abbacchio Pasquale © Image courtesy of masolino / Tommaso Passi

Not forgetting bread and Pizza which is internationally well known … all the way to the local wine produced in the south-eastern Alban hills, generally called  Castelli Romani, where it is often paired with the delicious porchetta: slices of pork from a whole slow-roasted pig, stuffed with aromatic herbs.

Porchetta © Image courtesy of Alessandro Pinna via Wikimedia Commons

All these various and colourful ingredients and recipes still today carry the spirit of the Eternal City – a city which still lingers on a thousand year old art-history heritage. So do not forget that the heritage of food and wine making is indeed also an art – still alive today and passed down from generation to generation.

An art to savour and protect at the same time.

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