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Parmigiana di melenzane
We asked our local chef, Giuseppe Gaglione, to craft a dish that put healthy, fresh produce front and centre and captured the spirit of Italian cuisine. The result is a video revealing his interpretation of the classic Parmigiana di Melanzane: Italian food : Parmigiana di Melanzane This classic Italian pasta recipe requires a whole kilogram […]
jewish ghetto via portico d'ottavia
Part 2 of 2 Besides the wide plethora of Roman-style food, there is however the Roman-Jewish food, which combines the cultures and recipes of these two great peoples. Given that the Jews arrived in Rome in the 2nd century BC, such cuisine fusion was inevitable. In fact it is hard to tell where one begins […]
progressive dining tours
Spagetti alla carbonara © Image courtesy of Mattes Boch via Wikipedia Part 1 of 2 Cucina povera literally means ‘poor kitchen’, but what it really refers to is good, old fashioned Italian traditional cuisine. Dishes revolve around what is known as ‘the fifth quarter’ of the butchered animal. In other words the offal such as […]
Progressive Dining Rome Tour
Any tourists that arrive in Rome finds themselves in a chaotic city, beautifully decorated by two thousand years of history and architecture. As they explore the streets of Rome, the visitor will come across some amazing monuments, churches and breath-taking archaeological sites. They are also bound to experience some of many local dishes enjoyed for […]
Evening Gourmet Wine and Food Walking Tours
I always tell my ‘Together in Rome’ customers on food walking tours to be aware of tourist traps. In Rome we have had tourism – starting with religious pilgrimages – since the VII century after Christ. And the Papal Jubilees every 25 years attract mass Catholic pilgrimages to their sacred city. So the Romans know […]