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Buffalo Mozzarella

Buffalo mozzarella is considered the ‘queen of cheeses’.
This relatively simple Italian delicacy, a cheese with essentially one ingredient (buffalo milk) that is made every day in Italy, is so hard to replicate elsewhere.
Over the last twenty years, in fact, the attempt to make authentic buffalo mozzarella – to nail both its taste and texture – has been proved rather impossible. It seems truly doomed.
Fresh mozzarella di bufala is one of the miracles of Italian cuisine. It’s exactly like regular mozzarella except that it’s made with buffalo milk, which has roughly twice the fat of cow milk, which makes it extremely creamy and flavorful.
Why is it so impossible to get truly fresh buffalo mozzarella elsewhere in the world rather than Italy?
Well, there are few reasons to consider.
First of all, keep in mind that Italy is a puzzle of micro-regions, each deeply loyal to its own traditions and cuisines – which means that it’s perfectly natural to expect your cheese to have been made locally that day, then consider the importance of traditional preparation, the result is an amazingly fresh product.
Well, seems that the secrets of traditional mozzarella production have yet to leave Italy.