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Progressive Dining Rome Tour

The food of the real Romans

Any tourists that arrive in Rome finds themselves in a chaotic city, beautifully decorated by two thousand years of history and architecture.

As they explore the streets of Rome, the visitor will come across some amazing monuments, churches and breath-taking archaeological sites. They are also bound to experience some of many local dishes enjoyed for centuries by the Romans.

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Everybody loves Italian food – but what if there was actually no such thing?

In Italy, there is really only regional Italian food. Each region offers delicious and unique dishes based on its long history and location. Rome districts such as Trastevere, Testaccio and Garbatella are famous for the abundance of trattorias – simple restaurants where the city’s culinary traditions have passed from one generation to the next.

carbonaraThe typical Roman dishes reflect the city’s history – genuine and simple, made of a few basic ingredients; often very affordable. This is why the cuisine of the Eternal City is still today known as ‘La cucina povera’ – (literally meaning poor kitchen).  This traditional ‘poor cooking’ or ‘peasant cooking’ is made from unpretentious ingredients and was originally not considered worthy of cardinals and princes.

However, these authentic meals transform those basic ingredients into deliciously flavourful fare. Today ‘La cucina povera’ traditional cuisine remains basically the same, but by choice rather than simply by economy.

Some of the dishes have become classics and are even included in prominent cookbooks and recipe websites.

Experience the magic of the Eternal City at dusk

Join our Progressive Dining Evening Walk Tour and take a stroll through Rome’s charming piazzas at twilight on the search for the best flavours in town. With an expert foodie as your tour guide, you will sample plenty of Italy’s fine delicacies – enough food for your dinner.

In between stops, enjoy an interactive city tour with an informative and entertaining tour guide.

Looking instead for something a little more luxurious?

Prefer some delicious truffles? Check out our Truffle Craziness video with fresh black Norcia truffle on a beautiful beef fillet! Served up right here in Rome by Francesco, the owner of Taverna Lucifero on Via del Pellegrino 51